7Sisters LLC is a private consulting firm that provides access to unique strategic direct investment opportunities for family offices and institutional clients.


7Sisters LLC has a broad and deep set of global relationships with CEOs and family business enterprises as well as institutional investors across a wide range of industry and market sectors.  We believe in bringing our clients and relationships together to share knowledge and build bridges for cooperation.  These values are reflected by the Newport Global Summit, a prominent leadership retreat hodsted by 7Sisters held in Newport, Rhode Island, since 2009. This has created a network of synergistic relationship to match opportunities within the network to create value for clients through the formation of long term business and strategic relationships.


7Sisters LLC conducts special business briefings and events across the United States to keep our clients ahead of the curve on business trends.  We leverage our network and affiliations so that you can generate new ideas and meet potential new strategic partners.  Our annual Newport Global Summit provides an intimate setting to broaden your business relationships by interacting with our network of global business leaders and family owned enterprises. 


The 7Sisters LLC team advises a select number of clients to expand global business opportunities.

As an alternative to traditional investment banking strategies, the team works in parallel with existing company sales teams to secure new projects and increase business development.  This approach incorporates an outsourced sales strategy which is cost efficient and allows companies to diversify relationships globally or that are critical to moving specific mandates forward.  In many cases securing new projects in foreign countries require association with local partner.  7Sisters will work with companies to identify key strategic partners with the right alignment to succeed.

7Sisters can help to build financial solutions to progress objectives for business or projects .  As example, we can introduce companies to members of regional and international financial institutions to align resources required to execute on projects.


The quality of our long term relationships and the trust we have created is paramount to our values and our mission.  We are committed to serving the best interests of our clients, and matching opportunities to meet specific objectives.