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Press release on gold coast summit


12:00 noon : Opening Reception

12:30pm :   Lunch /Welcome and introductory Remarks       

Katharine B. Cushing, Managing Principal of 7Sisters, LLC &  John LeBoutillier , co-host and Fox political commentator. 

1:15-1:35 The Neuroscience of Success

Roderick Carter, Principal of Aqua Life Sciences and author of best-selling book BodyWHealth

 1:35-1:55 PM A New Style of Performance; Investing in Luxury Assets and Vintage Ferari Cars

Todd Morici, Principal of The Octane Performance Fund  

 1:55-2:10 PM   Break

 2:10-2:35 PM NewsBeat Social On the Crest of a New Wave in News & Media:

Stanley W. Fields, CEO of NewsBeat Social, Inc.                                          

Geoff Campbell, President, NewsBeat Social, Inc.

 2:35-2:55PM   Energy, Infrastructure and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Greg Michaels, Chairman & CEO of SCT & E LNG

2:55-3:15PM The Emerging Global Crisis from Resistant Superbugs and how Microbion is taking one Step to Address the Crisis

Karim F. Lalji, CEO of Microbion,  

3:15-3:35 PM Why Families Loose their Wealth

John Messervey, NFBC President, Private Advisor to America's Leading Families

3:35-3:50 PM Family Philanthropy- A Search for Purpose and Meaning

John Royall, Principal of Adelphi Securities, a Texas family partnership

Break: 3:50- 4:10PM

4:10-4:35P The Market Outlook: Energy and Oil

 Marvin Schwartz,  renowned investor of the Straus Group at Neuberger Berman & David Weiner, Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager

4:35-5:00PM The US Presidential Campaign and Impa

John LeBoutillier , Fox News Political Commentator & Philip Howard, well known leader of government and political reform     

 5:00-7:00PM Cocktails and Tours of The Studio with John LeBoutillier







The Studio

Location:  The Studio  270 Wheatley Road, Old Westbury, New York 11568   

Travel Assistance:  7 Sisters is pleased to be partnering with Roman & Erica, Inc. the exclusive Travel and Lifestyle Management Firm. Roman & Erica offers global luxury travel and concierge service solutions characterized by unparalleled seamlessness in all matters pertaining to your lifestyle. For more information and/or to book a room for the Summit, please contact,  212-717-8500

Guests are welcome to stay at the Glen Cove Mansion Hotel,  200 Dosoris Lane, Glen Cove, NY

Guests are welcome to stay at the Glen Cove Mansion Hotel, 200 Dosoris Lane, Glen Cove, NY